Public Education

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  • Our Christian heritage, U.S. Constitution, and your family!

These attacks originate from within our own borders!

  • Instigated by liberals, atheists, and relativists
  • Open agenda to promote socialism
  • Promoted in the media and pop culture
Do you realize the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM’s role in destroying our nation?

  • It teaches 49.3 million students (89%)
  • It indoctrinates children in liberalism, socialism, and government dependence
  • It promotes weakness
  • It attacks Christianity, family, and patriotism
Public Education: The “Final Solution” in the Conquest of America’s Ideals

  • Exposes the socialist agenda of the public schools under the guise of “helping children”
  • Explains how dependence on government begins in schools
  • Illustrates this 235-year war against America
  • Compares modern America to The Republic by Plato
  • Outlines America’s journey from receiving God’s blessings to facing His wrath

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